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Integrity, Transparency

TwoCell™ is a different breed of computer consultancy firm.

We value honesty and strive to establish open relationships with all our clients. Trust and respect are placed at the highest priority, rather than quick profits. Open communication and long term relationship building are more valuable than gaining a short term advantage by withholding information at the bargaining table.

Some would say business is the art of war and that only those who practice the most Machiavellian tactics succeed in today's "dog-eat-dog" markets. However, we at TwoCell™ reject that theory. Business is the process of individuals banding together to accomplish a common objective. We help you achieve your goals and in return, you help us.

It's all about transparency. We post our prices on our website, and if we resell any hardware we let you know exactly what our margin is. There are no hidden fees, and we keep our pricing as simple as possible.

Expert computer consultants

We are a full service IT consulting firm. Offerings range from installing and administering your physical network to designing your web site. Whether your system is Dell, IBM or a custom computer-- Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows or Novell Netware; we will support it. Our allegiance is with you, not the vendor. We implement the solution that is in your best interest.

Serving: phoenix metro, arizona, and the world

Based in Tempe, Arizona, TwoCell™ helps clients around the world solve their IT problems. Specifically, we serve the Phoenix Metro area including: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert. Arizona is a great place for a computer consultancy firm. The combination of Tempe's robust economy mixed with its centralized location and stable climate all provide valuable advantages for doing business here.

Tempe, Arizona locals

It's true... we do play favorites. We love working in Tempe and if you are located here we want to be your IT consultants. We offer Tempe customers a 10% discount off our hourly rate and will purchase zero margin hardware for the first month of service. It's our goal to be Tempe's number one IT services provider and we’ll stop at nothing to achieve this.

Arizona non-profits

We offer an array of free services, zero margin hardware and discounted rates to Arizona based non-profit organizations whose stated mission is to serve the Arizona community.